What makes us different?

Many businesses talk about being different... or better... or that they stand out from the crowd...

The reality is... few do... and even fewer live up the promises they claim.

Here’s some examples of how we are GENUINELY different and how we open more doors for you...

  • Our First Home Owners Grant program – this is EXCLUSIVE to AlphaLoan clients. Including a 3-CD Audio program and corresponding booklet... the “Essential Kit for First Home Buyers” provide AlphaLoan clients with an A to Z of how to succeed when buying their first home. Click here to listen to some sample interviews.

  • AlphaLoan Property Reports – providing you with a “complete” service package... our Property Reports help you ascertain the REAL value of property. Click here to see some samples.

  • Our Library of information – e-Zines... checklists... booklets... research papers... you name it... we have it... and the best thing is... as a client of AlphaLoan... you have an open Library card to access as much or as little as you like. Click here to see some samples from our Library.

  • Our partners – when you’re purchasing property, we recognise that in order to maximise your chances of success... you need to surround yourself with a TEAM who are dedicated to your cause. Building inspectors... Conveyancers... Financial Planners... Real Estate Agents... Accountants... Solicitors... Moving specialists... Insurance Brokers... we have the lot. Forget the Yellow Pages... we have a dedicated team ready to go just for you.


Please apply online or contact us for further information.